Consular Fees

Extract from Consular tariff
(or subject to bileteral visa agreements)*

Single entry visa (private, student, business, working humanitarian, tourist, etc.)

2380 MUR

Double entry visa  (private, student, business, working humanitarian, tourist, etc.)

3808 MUR

Multiple entry visa (business, working, humanitarian)

7140 MUR

Single entry transit visa

2380 MUR

Double entry transit visa

3808 MUR


Normal processing time for a visa is one week from the date of submitting documents.

In some special cases, when the visa may be issued during less than 4 days, double consular fee is applicable.

Please be informed that documents for tourist visa can be submitted even in the case of emergency not earlier than four days prior to the intended date of entry into the territory of Russia.

Citizens of other States who want to apply for a visa to Russia in Mauritius must have Mauritian residence permit.

* For consular fees and terms please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Mauritius.