06 September / 2018

Alexander Pushkin arrives to Mauritius

As it was agreed with the Port Louis Municipal Council, the Russian Embassy in Mauritius is working on the installation of the bust of A.Pushkin in the Mauritian capital city. Finally, first stage of the project already came true – the bust of the Great Russian poet has arrived to the island!

It represents an exact copy of the original work of a famous Soviet sculptor – Mikhail Anikushin (1917-1997), author of numerous monumental masterpieces such as the monuments to Lenin on the Moscow Square and to Pushkin on the Arts Square in St. Petersburg.

The creation of the bust became possible thanks to the support of the Director of the National Pushkin Museum Sergey Nekrasov and the authorization of the daughter of the famous sculptor I.Anikushina. Financial and organizational support, necessary for the creation and transportation of the bust to Mauritius, was rendered by Russian and Mauritian sponsors.

The bust is to be installed in a Ports Louis district and will undoubtedly decorate the Mauritian capital. It is called to become another symbol of the historically friendly relation between the people of Russia and Mauritius.