02 December / 2019

On the visit of the cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Mr.S.Avdeyev to the Republic of Mauritius

On the visit of the cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Mr.S.Avdeyev to the Republic of Mauritius

24-30 November 2019 the cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Mr.S.Avdeyev paid a working visit to Mauritius to participate in the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the achievements of the Soviet and Russian cosmonautics on the occasion of the 85th Anniversary of the First Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. the event was held on the 28th November, 2019 in the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (RGSC) under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Mauritius. During the ceremony he demonstrated a video on his second flight (September 1995 – February 1996) and gave several details of his space adventure. After the opening he showed the most interesting items of the exposition to the Mauritian officials including the Honourable Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology the Honourable Mrs.L.D.Dookun-Luchoomun.

On 26 October 2019, Mr.S.Avdeyev’s press conference was organized in advance of the space exhibition. The meeting with Mauritian journalists was held with participation of a Russian Embassy’s staff member, the Director and the Chairperson of the RGSC, the Mauritian photographer Mr.A.Ruhomaully, who’s works were artistically included in the exposition.

The press conference was followed by the meeting of the cosmonaut with the representatives of the Mauritian academic society. Scientists, professors, schoolchildren and students – everyone took the opportunity to address their questions to the Russian cosmonaut. He told them about his space flights and the main responsibilities of a flight engineer.

One of the brightest moments was the discussion with the activists of the Coordinative Council of Russian Compatriots in Mauritius headed by Mrs.O.Bogacheva. It was attended by more than 30 people including children who came to meet the famous Russian cosmonaut. He shared with them his memories and gave details on living in zero gravity, explained the stress on a human body in space and described the rehabilitation period after the flights. The meeting was held in a warm, friendly and emotional atmosphere.

27th November 2019, Mr.S.Avdeyev visited the local school “Ecole du Nord”. He gave an interview to future journalists and demonstrated to the schoolchildren several space exhibits of his private collection, which he used in space. Most of all the children wanted to know more about an ordinary day of a cosmonaut on a space station.

28 November 2019, the Russian cosmonaut visited the local French Lyceum “Labourdonnais”. Mr.S.Avdeyev demonstrated a video on his flight to space and described the process of preparation of cosmonauts for future work. He also held a meeting with the Lyceum pupils learning Russian language. He told them about the importance of cooperation of cosmonauts from different countries in today’s space exploration. Following the visit to the Lyceum, Mr.S.Avdeyev noted high interest of Mauritian youngsters in space, their excellent discipline and a good level of general awareness.

All events with the participation of the cosmonaut were covered by the representatives of the leading Mauritian Medias.