09 January / 2014

Information on Scholarships 2014


In 2014, the Government of the Russian Federation offers to the Republic of Mauritius 20 state scholarships for studies in Russian universities to be financed fr om the Russian Federal budget. The scholarships are offered for the following levels and fields of study:

4 – Bachelor in Construction

6 – Bachelor (any field)

1 – Masters in Construction

2 – Specialty level in Medicine

4 – Postgraduate Studies in Medicine

3 – Postgraduate Studies (any field)

The scholarships offer is open to citizens of Mauritius as well as citizens of Russia or ex-citizens of USSR permanently residing in Mauritius.

Conditions and Guarantees

Scholarships holders are provided with monthly allowance and accommodation in students’ hostels on the same conditions as Russian students.

The approved candidates or their sponsors have to bear the costs associated with the travel to the place of study and the purchase of a medical insurance policy in Russia.


Each applicant should submit the following documents:

1. A completed application form with a pasted colour photo of the applicant;

2. One additional photo of the applicant;

3. A copy of the Education Certificate stating the studied subjects and examinations results;

4. A copy of a Medical Certificate confirming the absence of contraindications for admission to Russian Higher Education Institutes issued by the official health authority of Mauritius;

5. A copy of a negative AIDS/HIV Test Certificate issued by the official health authority of Mauritius;

6. A copy of the main page of the applicant’s passport. The passport should be valid for at least 18 months after the date of entry into Russia;

7. A copy of the applicant’s Certificate of Birth;

8. Copies of any other relevant documents, if any (including diplomas, certificates or other documents confirming the participation and/or victory in education-related competitions);

9. A research paper in Russian or English language on the intended research topic (for candidates for PhD and Residency Training only);

10. The list of published works, if any (for candidates for PhD and Residency Training only).

The closing date for submission of applications to the Embassy is 7 April 2014.. The selection of candidates will be performed by the Russian Federal Agency for International Humanitarian Cooperation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. When applying for a scholarship, the candidates are now able to state specific universities wh ere they would like to study. The choice of the place of study will be finalized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in collaboration with the educational institutions taking into account the wishes of the applicants. Approved candidates who do not speak Russian at the level sufficient to obtain higher education will be offered a one-year study at the Preparatory Faculty of a University selected by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia before they begin the main studies.

The results of the selection exercise will be communicated by the Embassy to the applicants.

1. Application Form
2. Application Form Instructions
3. Postgraduate List
4. Undergraduate List