19 September / 2018

On the concert of the leading singer of the St.-Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy in Mauritius

We are happy to inform all music lovers that on 25 October, 2018 at 19.30 in the Saint Antoine estate (Goodlands) an exclusive concert of the leading singer of the St.-Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy, laureate of the international competition Mrs. Natalia Savchenko and famous pianist, honoured artist of Russia Mr. Andrei Alekseev will be organized.

This concert takes place within the framework of the “Opera Mauritius 2018” Festival, dedicated this time to Her Majesty Operetta. The main event of the Festival is the performance of the most famous Franz Legar’s work “Merry Widow” with participation of a team of international artists, including famous and young Mauritian performers as well as Symphony Orchestra fr om Germany.

Russia, the country wh ere operetta became popular already in the second half of the 19th century, is famous for its great artists, which performed and are still performing in this genre. Today there are more than 20 theatres in Russia, which stage operettas and musical comedies, many people are familiar with works made by Soviet and Russian composers. This is the reason why we could not stay away from such an interesting musical event in friendly Mauritius.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Mauritius by the invitation of the Festival’s organizer Mr. Paul Olsen and thanks to the active collaboration with the General Director of the St.-Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy Mr. Yury Schwarzkopf is proposing to the spectators a concert, consisting of the famous works of Kalman, Strauss, Lehar, Dunaevsky as well as other, less famous to the broad public but no less brilliant composers working in the genre.

This concert will allow everybody to get acquainted closer with the masterpieces of world known operettas as well as to enjoy the high professionalism of Russian performers.

Detailed biographies of the artists, programme of the concert and the information about the tickets are located on the website www.operamauritius.com