24 June / 2018

The Mini World Cup» in the Lyceum «Labourdonnais»

On June 24, 2018 a Sports Day was organized in the Lyceum Labourdonnais, dedicated to the World Cup in Russia and supported by the Russian Embassy. It started with a photo exhibition that illustrated how Russia was preparing to host the main football Championship of 2018. Photos of all stadiums, important historical sights of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities as well as numerous images of the beautiful Russian nature were demonstrated here.

The already beloved among Mauritians symbol of the World Cup – Zabiwaka – greeted the guests of the event and was willingly photographed with all interested participants. He was the one who announced the children’s football games, which were named «The Mini World Cup». The pupils of the Lyceum aged from 12 to 15, some of them learning Russian language in the institution, took part in the championship. A big preparatory work was done by the chair of the Coordinating council of Russian compatriots who is in the same time a teacher of Russian Language in the Lyceum – Mrs. Olga Bogacheva.

The first friendly match was held between the adult teams of Mauritius and Russia, the latter represented by the staff of the Embassy, spouses and children after 15 of Russian women, resident in Mauritius. In spite of bad weather and heavy rain, the match turned out to be spectacular and persistent.

The main part of the Sports Day was dedicated to the football competition between the children. The pupils of «Labourdonnais» were divided into 6 teams each of them being named after a national team of one of the leading football countries. All teams were separated into two groups so that the winners of the group stage were granted to perform in the finals. In a twist of fate the «national teams» of Russia and Germany reached the finals. The German «team» turned out to be stronger and was awarded by the Cup and gold medals. All participants expressed their wish to see the real national team of Russian and Germany play in the final stage of the World Cup in Moscow!

Fans, including the Embassy’s staff members headed by the Russian Ambassador in Mauritius, employees of the Lyceum with its director Mr.J.Stephan, Mauritian graduates from Soviet and Russian universities, our compatriots and their Mauritian friends were actively supporting the minor football players and exchanged views on the World Cup that progresses in Russia.

Closer to the ending of the event, the sun came out and allowed to finish the games on the highest note!